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Different levels of economic development, the demand for wheat flour mill grade inconsistent


wheat flour mill is to rely on external power wheat ground into small particles by adjusting the size of the sieve flour particles of different sizes isolated small particles of wheat flour processing machinery. In the course of proper operation requires the operator to avoid faulty operation behavior, in the course of the following aspects need to pay attention.

(1) The operator must put on labor protection products, fastened cuffs, clothing, rope appears to be not allowed to have neat hair who must work inside the cap plate.

(2) The service must specify familiar stone wheat flour mill equipment performance hand use.

(3) Check the electrical parts before driving is good insulation, electrical grounding reliability. Non-switch button with wet hands. Have questions, please electrician handle.

(4) required by wheat flour mill machine is put into a dry flour and noodles are not allowed to overload transportation pass.

(5) in accordance with the machine maintenance requires periodic refueling.

(6) in and face should cover lid. Never put your hands or other hard objects inside extensor faces of the people fighting to avoid dangerous incidents.

(7) must take the plane down until after the case against the failure outage twisted mix and then take, do not take the time to use the knife under the net, they go by car, are not allowed to take one person faces another point car.

(8) operation is not touch rotating parts, found different sound, loose debris, vibration is not normal, you should stop and check and repair.

wheat flour mill plant: wheat flour mill leading companies in our traditional flour processing equipment, complete sets of equipment is different from the large-scale processing enterprises flour milling equipment, general handling of wheat in the 100t / d or less, from the clean-up, two-part milling equipment consisting of small milling equipment. These devices generally have poor precision machining, welding low quality, clean-up. Milling technology behind the poor quality of the finished flour, tons of flour consumption can be disadvantages. This is the equipment a few years ago the concept in people's minds. Recent years, especially last couple of years, since the change in the pattern of food machine industry, the emergence of a large number of private enterprises, joint venture, sole proprietorship, joint-stock food machine business, the rise of manufacturing equipment from the mechanical milling process to design a qualitative changes. Complete Equipment Engineering is close to the overall quality of a large flour processing enterprises purchase a single piece of equipment, professional process design, engineering quality installation themselves; rather than its overall investment cost is the cost of a single piece purchase much less investment. The following describes what wheat flour mill equipment development process and in the future direction of development for the majority of enterprises to invest in flour reference.

China's wheat processing business equipment than three types. The first is the stand-alone device that consists of a wheat flour mill, a combination of clear grain machine, a wind machine and matching accessories assembled together to deal with wheat 10t / d less wheat processing equipment. The beginning of reform and opening up, China's vast rural households appear to use this flour processing models. Conversion and processing flour that farmers, mainly produce standard flour or whole wheat flour. The second is the complete sets of equipment, equipment for more than stand-alone, there are washing wheat, buckwheat or winnowing, etc. in addition to cleaning processes, wheat flour mill a few more units, material grading equipment has a single-chamber or dual positions in flat screen flat screen, and with a Check the screen and other equipment, process design more perfect, extraction rate is high, can produce grade flour yield generally 100t / d less; third device refers to the purchase of raw flour mills and medium-sized national food system sentinel production of wheat processing equipment professional manufacturers of professional equipment, such as Zhangjiakou or Wuxi wheat flour mill, Shijiazhuang or Changzhi Plansifter Zhangqiu fan, etc., by a professional process design unit is responsible for process design, and then by a professional installation company responsible for the installation. The main production grade powder and flour.

These three devices is better, of course, is obvious. But they have their own strengths, have their own markets, all to solve the problem of feeding our people made a great contribution. Until today, the mature market economy, which is still three devices have their own market. China's market is huge, is uneven development, there is a demand milling equipment imported luxury of large companies, there are also a small stand-alone equipment needs of small businesses. The international market is uneven, China's small and medium sized milling equipment not only meet the needs of domestic users, but also a large number of export Egypt, Sudan, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Kazakhstan and other countries and regions. And small milling equipment is much larger than the volume of exports of large milling equipment exports.

As stand-alone and there is a complete flour milling equipment is low, silty poor, high energy consumption, environmental pollution, waste grain, and in recent years one hundred tons of flour to kiloton large production companies, many industry experts predict : Small and medium flour processing enterprises should be eliminated. This conclusion is certainly correct, but this time may be very long, ten years or decades.

1) our country and around the world at different levels of economic development zone, is a long-standing premise equipment.

Different levels of economic development, the demand for wheat flour mill grade inconsistent. Developed areas require a large high-tech equipment, and even like Buhler, GBS and other such world-class milling equipment, while China's vast rural and urban areas and the majority of the developing countries and the need of small and medium sized equipment, and even stand-alone. There is market demand would not be without commodity production.

2) changes in consumer attitudes, there is a small equipment is another factor.

Currently consumers by returning to nature, eating green food, whole nutrition thinking, favor a simple stand-alone and small equipment roughing full nutritional wheat flour. Although such a few customers, but also represents a market demand.

3) Other grains and food processing equipment for small provides another living space.

In addition to processing wheat small equipment outside, together with reasonable process can also be processed with higher added value, such as oats, pepper, soy flour, and other special foods, which gave small device provides another living space.